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I grew up around and with animals and I’ve worked in this sector all my life. At first, I worked in the all animals are an important factor in my life. The Red Thread in all of my work is creating connections, mainly within the field of well-being and health of animals.

Over the years, I wanted to further develop these skills and follow this passion. In the studies Cranio Sacral Therapy on Applied Sciences level and a basic education on Equine Lymph Drainage, I found the perfect education that connected to this. I’ve completed both studies successfully. With joy and enthusiasm, I am now working in this field and I regularly follow further training to optimize my knowledge and skills. Monitoring animals, their behaviour and signals down to the smallest details have my attention and interest. Furthermore, the practical experience I’ve gained over the years and the broad knowledge I have in the animal sector ensure that I have developed a clear view on these factors. I’m experiencing that this as a big advantage as CST therapist.

It’s always my goal to reach the optimal for all parties involved, in which the animal has the leading role. I work from a place of peace, in the speed that’s achievable for the animal. It is my experience that this ensures the best result and recovery. Next to horses and ponies, I also work as a CST therapist for dogs and other (domestic) animals.

Ardie Sloetjes
Hond onder behandeling
About Cranio Sacral Therapy

Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST) is a treatment methods that stems from osteopathy and involves the whole individual and its body with the healing. CST is focused on recovering and strengthening the natural balance of the body, as well as stimulating the self-healing power of the animal.

A CST therapist work with the Cranio Sacral Rhythm (CSR). In general, CSR is viewed as the “breathing system” of the nervous system, and it is considered the third life function, following after heartbeat and breathing. The CSR could be viewed as a wave motion, that circulates the cerebrospinal fluid from the head (Cranium) via the spine towards the sacrum. The “pump” of this system is located in the brain. This rhythm is tangible throughout the entire body and is distributed via the vertebral column, the nervous system and the connective tissue. It connects the body inwardly.

Through physical injuries and/or emotional trauma, this rhythm can be disrupted, which consequently means that the cerebrospinal fluid can no longer flow properly. This mainly hinders management of the nervous system, which in turn can no longer fulfil its purpose properly. This way, the natural equilibrium turns unbalanced, causing the animal to not be able to function optimally. A CS therapist is able to detect these problems and recover them through various hands-on techniques.

Cranio Sacraal systeem van een paard
When to use Cranio Sacral Therapy

Cranio Sacral Therapy can be used for various complaints, disorders and problems. Examples are pain relief, muscle acidification, stress and/or difficult behaviour, back problems or other problems in the musculoskeletal system. Furthermore, CST can be used with problems in the CTO area. For horses, CST shows great results with saddling/girthing, in the handrail, stance and/or bending, and can also be used for headshaking, eczema, stable legs, etc.

CST met Roos Stoop

Every treatment starts with a thorough examination of the animal. During this, I will ask various questions. Every detail can be of importance during this, also from the past. After I establish problems, movement problems and/or injuries, I will treat the animal on its skull, as well as on the rest of its body. One treatment session takes approximately one hour.

Every animal reacts differently to the treatment and will show this with different behaviour too. Examples are: Chewing, licking, being sleepy, yawning and for horses it is frequently shown with scraping its hooves.

It is possible that the animal will show restlessness during the treatment, which shows in walking around. Especially the first time, the animal will have to get used to the feeling that the treatment gives.

After treatment, I would advise not to burden the animal for a few days. This is because the treatment will continue to work on the body and a new balance will be established. Of course, the animal will still be able to go outside, as light exercise or walking will stimulate circulation in the body.

After one treatment, a clear difference is visible already. However, multiple treatments are necessary to get optimal results.


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